Andy Ruland


The bicycle-driven photography of Andy Ruland will be on display from April 7 through May 15 in the Southern Light Gallery at Amarillo College.

Ruland, a professional chemist with roots in Western Pennsylvania, relocated to the Fort Worth area after his retirement and turned his focus to photography.

Inspired by a lifelong interest in biking and “my passion for shiny metal bike parts,” Ruland undertook to amass a portfolio of conceptual works—Bicycle Conceptual Art. He did so by constructing sculptures built of bike parts, transporting them to various locations, and making his photographs.

“I enjoy creating scenes that contrast metal with natural objects,” he says.

Brianna Burnett

Brianna BurkettArtist’s Statement:
I use a dryplate tintype process to make images and construct one of a kind photographs using artifacts. I incorporate both digital manipulation, camera-less processes and historic photographic images to create photographic works. Although these are several different processes, each of the series has the continuity of story. The narrative is what holds me to making images. I delight in the visual reference of story or interpretation. These images are narratives from myth, folklore, history and memory and I am only continuing the tradition of telling and interpreting. These images are made for the act of re-telling. I interpret the stories and memories or adapt the narratives as an act of referencing time and collection. My photographs are a collection of moments remembered as the story unfolds.

They are always, simply stories re-told.

Burnett holds a master’s degree in photography from Texas Tech University. She will speak about the dry-plate tintype process she uses to make images and construct one-of-a-kind photographs. Her lecture begins at 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 3 on the second floor of the College Union Building, located directly east of Lynn Library.


Seen on the Street
Ralph Duke

Ralph Duke-

As a native of Amarillo and a commercial photographer, I have been observing and documenting my world for more than 40 years.  Too many people rush through life, never seeing the rich visual detail that surrounds them.

Seen on the Street is a series in the genre of street photography – no theatrical sets, no professional models – just life as I see it through my lens.

I hope these photos will encourage the viewer to take a second and even a third look to see a detail or a new color and texture in a street scene. Street photography remains one of the few performances that is free.

Ralph Duke, Photographer